Sum 41 Brasil interviews Cone McCaslin


S41BR: So Dave is back, as is being working with him again after so long? He helped in the new album?

Cone: Its been really great so far. The band sounds amazing and Dave is such a positive person and easy going guy to be around so its been a pretty easy transition back into it. He’s played some leads and solos on the new album ya. A few rippers!

S41BR: How is the progress of the new album? How does it sound to you?

Cone: I’d say its pretty close to being done. Tracking is just about done I think. My Bass is done. Then Its the other stuff thats left. I heard the rough mixes and its sounding really great. Big, energetic, catchy. Everything that Sum 41 has been in the past is on this new album and more. I think our fans will love this album cause its very much our band.

S41BR: Can you tell us anything about new album that has not been said yet?

Cone: We don’t have a concrete name of the album that we can tell people yet and since its not completely done we definitely don’t have a release date either. Song names are still being formulated as well although I’m sure Deryck has a good idea what the songs will be called. Bass players are always last to know… haha… What some people probably don’t know is that we actually aren’t on Island Records/Universal anymore, we are free agents! We can kinda release this album however we want. Its a lot of freedom for a band like us 16 years after our first release. Its great. Lots of options. So after this album is fully done we are gonna figure out how we’re gonna release it.

S41BR: We know that there will be a song with DMC, beyond him there will be more collaborations with other artists?

Cone: Well nothing at the moment but stuff comes up and we love doing that stuff so we’re open to it. I’m excited about the DMC song for sure. He’s so humble and cool. Glad we got to come into contact with him. We’re big Run DMC fans.

S41BR: It seems like the process of this new album was much faster compared to the time it took for SBM to be ready, this happened because Deryck is sober and more focused now?

Cone: Well that would be more of a question for Deryck but I think once he got healthy he got an itch to do it again and it all started rolling but can’t really comment on his exact feelings. Personally glad he is healthy and we are able to be a band and do it again.

S41BR: This year we will hear new songs from Operation MD?

Cone: Yes! We (Operation MD) will release another iTunes single in the next few weeks. We’re just mixing it right now and then it’ll be up for sale soon. Its called “Little Miss Takes”. An older song from our first sessions from our first album that we never really finished. Now we have and gonna release it. I love it.

S41BR: Recently you became a father. How is this experience?

Cone: Its been amazing. Max is such an awesome kid, I’m pretty obsessed with hanging out with him cause he’s the coolest guy I know…

S41BR: We hope someday Sum 41 come to Brazil. Do you know anything about Brazil? Any Brazilian band? How was playing for the first time in South America?

Cone: I can definitely say we will come to Brazil. I actually couldn’t tell you a real reason why we haven’t been yet but its not cause we don’t want to, it has to do with everything else out of our control. We will come! I promise. Playing for the first time in South America was great. It was everything we’d ever heard about it. Crazy shows, amazing fans, passionate fans, fans that know every song even the album tracks. Fans that make you feel like you want to come back again and again… which I hope we do.  Do I know much about Brazilian bands? I’d be lying if I said I knew a ton of bands. Beyond Sepultura I don’t know too many. Although a few months ago a friend of mine turned me onto Gal Costa which I was pretty into. So thats 2…

S41BR: So to finish this interview, What can we expect from Sum 41 in 2016?

Cone: A new album and a world tour…


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